The Editor

Lynx Sainte-Marie is a A profile pic of Lynx Sainte-Marie, Afro+Goth Poet, a Black non-binary person with short and skinny locs, wearing a off-black shirt, a black velvet jacket and a sily black tie. They are looking off to the side with an inquiring look on their face.(dis)Abled/chronically ill, Jamaican-Canadian, Non-Binary Gender, Afro+Goth Poet and student who breathes art, social justice, anti-oppression, critical social work and feminism/s that decentralize whiteness & cisheteronormativity. Lynx serves on various committees dedicated to disability justice and art as a tool for social change & collective healing. As a writer and performance artist, they tackle issues around identity, isolation and love. As an activist and educator, Lynx stresses the importance of spaces where marginalized communities can share their stories – stories often erased from mainstream narratives.

For more about Lynx, check out their website.


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