The Organization

A pic of the QueerofGender logo. The “QofG” symbol - A “Q” and a “G” interlinked together with a purple line in the descender of the “Q”. The logo is surrounded by pics of the various QofG submitters and committee members, all beautiful Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.QueerofGender (All one word) or QofG is a grassroots organization and online transnational visibility project, dedicated to affirming and acknowledging the various genders and gender expressions within Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities.  Created in February of 2014 and based out of the Greater Toronto Area (The Region of Peel), it celebrates the plethora of experiences we face as multi-issue folks whose experiences of gender do not fit so neatly within the rigid confines of the white, cishet-patriarchal gender binary.

To learn more about the organization, go to our main page.


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