Call for Submissions – Vol 1: OYA

The Call for Submissions, written on a painting of Oya. In the foreground, Oya, the brown-skinned goddess of the Niger River, stands with her back facing us. Her face turned, she looks over her left shoulder at us. She is wearing a dark red head wrap and tunic , gold necklaces and a gold armband. Her tunic blows in the wind while storm clouds and lightning hover in the background. She looks fiercely into the distance. The words read as follows: Dreams of Orisha is a zine series that celebrates the brilliance, magick and creative richness that is Black queer and trans women and Black non-binary people of Canada.  We are currently accepting submissions to our inaugural publication Vol 1: OYA, in honour of the orisha Oya, Mother of Nine, ruler of the storm.  We invite emerging, established and all other creators in-between to submit new, never-before-seen poetry, short stories, visual art and creative non-fiction to our zine.  Submission Deadline: November 1st, 2015  For more information, check out Facebook: Dreams of Orisha Zine Twitter: @DreamsofOrisha, Image Credit Maïmouna Younglai-Case.

We are currently accepting submissions to our inaugural publication Vol 1: OYA. 

Oya, The Mother of Nine, is the orisha of the Niger River.

A great warrior, she is both loved and feared by all who worship her.

She rides tornadoes and storm clouds into battle.

She is loyal, unapologetic and fiercely protective.

Seek the guidance of Oya with caution, for she deserves your utmost reverence.

We are looking for original, passionate and nuanced submissions from Black queer and/or trans women and Black non-binary folks who are of Canada that invoke the spirit of Oya.

Some topics that you might want to speak to in your submission include:

  • Transitions, Transformation and Change
  • Black Magick, Spirituality and Ancestral Knowings
  • The Veil between Life and Death; Heaven and Earth.
  • Destruction + Rebirth
  • The Love and Protection of the Black Child
  • Truth-seeking, Justice and Retribution
  • And all else your creative heart wants to explore in Oya’s name

All submissions will be paid $25 CAD upon publication with proceeds of the zine going towards distribution, future events and organizational programming.

Submission Deadline: November 1st, 2015

Share this poster and check out Submissions for our submission guidelines and other terms and policies.