Terms + Policy

Dreams of Orisha accepts original content only. We do not accept simultaneous submissions or content that has already been published elsewhere. So send us shiny, new things!

All submissions will be paid $25 CAD upon publication with proceeds of the zine going towards distribution, future events and organizational programming.

We also screen each submission for oppressive, harmful or unrelated content.

In the spirit of social justice, anti-oppression and equity, Dreams of Orisha reserves the right to refuse any future contributions from authors with submissions that include the following or other forms of violence:

  • Homophobia, queerphobia, heteronormativity
  • Racism, colonialism, colourism, appropriation, anti-Blackness, the centralization of whiteness
  • Transphobia, transmisogyny, cisnormativity
  • Femmephobia
  • Ableism/ (dis)Ableism, healthism
  • Genderism, the promotion of patriarchy
  • Sizeism, fat-shaming
  • Ageism
  • Sex-shaming, victim-blaming, discrimination against sex workers
  • Discrimination based on religion, spirituality or belief system
  • Discrimination based on immigration status.

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